Trademark Registration

Registering your trademark is an important first step for businesses looking to enter the Chinese market but is often overlooked.

Protect your brand by registering your trademark first.

China follows a ‘first to file’ system whereby the party that registers the trademark first has exclusive legal rights to its use and distribution. This differs from the Canadian system where the first party to ‘use’ the trademark has the right to register the trademark. Click Here for information from the Government of Canada on how to protect your IP in China.

Let Route86 help you get started with registering your trademark. 

It’s important to start the process early and ensure your trademark isn’t registered by someone else. However, there are many pitfalls you need to avoid when registering a trademark and it’s important that you have all the information about the process. Route86 is here to help you begin the process of registering your trademark in China.

DISCLAIMER: Search results provided by Route86 will be English wordmark search results pulled from a China Trademark Office (CTMO) database. Search results will vary from official government sources in China. These results should not be interpreted without the help of a licensed trademark/IP legal professional. These search results are also not a substitute for a Clearance Search which can only be performed by a licensed trademark/IP legal professional. Route86 is not responsible for any action or inaction taken by any person or organization based on the outcome of these search results.