Discover Your E-Commerce Path to China

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Thinking About Selling Online to China?

Route86’s Readiness Tool will help you uncover the hidden challenges and opportunities to growing your business via e-commerce in China.

Who Should Use It

This tool is for you if you’re a Canadian small business interested in selling online to China and:

  • You struggle to find resources online about selling to China via e-commerce
  • You see the market demand for your product in China but don’t know how to sell to the market, or how to build the strategy and start planning
  • You need additional information to assist you in building a market entry strategy to China
  • You see the risks for selling to China online but don’t know what tactics could help with mitigating the risk
Readiness Tool

Do Your Products Have a Path to China?

If you’ve confirmed that you can legally sell in China via cross-border e-commerce, take our self-assessment to determine how ready you are to start.

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